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We love our customers

Everything you need for effective reporting

Visage empowers you to use data to visualize the success of your work for customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

A Business Guide

to Visual Communication

Data Visualization 101

How to design charts and graphs

How to Use Data Visualization

to Win Over Your Audience

Turn any data source into a powerful story.

Be Effective

Stop sending spreadsheets and
disjointed decks to your customers.

Department Mon Tues Wed Thur
Research 11 15 12 13
Development 17 12 13 10
Production 12 16 10 11
Marketing 2 5 7 9
Sales 10 14 18 12

Be Consistent

Show your customers you care about them,
and strengthen your brand in the process.

Be Efficient

Save time by automating
redundant report workflows.

The old way
Time Spent per Report
The new way
Time Spent per Report

Let us design you a custom report.

Whether its a custom chart style, an easily updated infographic, or a custom 20 page report; we’ll help you create highly scalable, truly impactful visual content.


Step One

In a 30 minute chat, we’ll dig into your challenges and goals. Here are some things we’ll want to know:

What documents are you tasked with creating frequently?

What are the data you want to visualize?

From what sources do you get this data?

What is the story you’re trying to tell?


Step Two

This is the fun part – watching your data come to life.

We’ll ask you to provide any existing or sample reports for inspiration.

Our designers will build out a beautiful template that visualizes your data’s story in your unique brand style.


Step Three

Once we have a design everyone is excited about, our team will merge these elements into Visage and we’ll be on our way.

We’ll provide a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure you are having fun and your reports look spectacular.

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  • DataBiTsCo_v2

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Let’s chat about your data, and how to make it beautiful.