Zoolander sequel

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Fifteen years in the making, the day has finally come for a Zoolander sequel. We wanted to honor this day with a series of visuals we made with Visage memorializing our favorite scenes and quotes from the classic Zoolander.

The graphics include “data sets” on the popularity of Zoolander’s signature poses, the uniqueness of not being an ambiturner, number of male models lost to freak gasoline fight accidents over the years, as well as a real look at the highest paid female and male models in the industry (spoiler: things don’t look great for male models compared to women).
Derek Zoolander quote

Zoolander and Hansel

Zoolander quote 2

Zoolander Weakness or superpower

Zoolander Tipping-the-scale

Zoolander Remember-the-name

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