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Why All Your Visual Content Needs to Be Branded

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As the media and publishing platforms embrace visual communication, audiences have become accustomed to well-designed content.

Good design isn’t just a differentiator; it is what they expect. No matter who you are trying to engage with your content, whether a client, consumer or employee, creating communication that visually reflects your brand is essential.


According to a 2013 Adobe Digital Index study, visual content on Facebook, such as video, increases viral reach significantly. Branded visual content is a fantastic way to engage your audience.

Visual communication is incredibly effective at delivering information in a way that is appealing and easy to understand. But as the popularity of this medium grows, so does the level of over-saturation. Audiences have access to a flood of content, so what piques their interest? Content that is cohesive, visually engaging and consistent.

Consumers are attracted to this content because it demonstrates credibility. It shows that your brand is invested in providing value through communication, that you are considerate of your audience’s time and needs. If the content you create is segmented, siloed or scattershot, with no thought to design or presentation, it will be much harder to nurture that audience relationship.

According to a 2013 study by IPG Media Lab and Forbes Media, individuals looking at web pages with branded content were more likely to express an interest in the brand.

According to a 2013 study by IPG Media Lab and Forbes Media, individuals looking at web pages with branded content were more likely to express an interest in the brand.

Distinguishing your brand is the only way to cut through the content fog. Your brand is more than a logo and tagline. It is a comprehensive identity that is communicated through every interaction, from the way you do customer service to the way you design your product. Likewise, the way you communicate is a fundamental reflection of your brand. All your content, whether internal reports, client-facing communication or content for your consumer, should reinforce your brand. There are several reasons why branding your content benefits your business and audience.

It’s more appealing: Well-designed content intrigues your audience and entices them to interact with your content. In short: Looks matter.

It improves communication: Visual content is easier to synthesize than plain old text, simply because our brains process visual information faster. This is why tools like data visualization are incredibly effective for conveying complex information.

It preserves brand identity: It’s not just what you say; it’s how you say it. Branding your content ensures that everything you produce adheres to your visual language and best practices, creating a consistent visual presence and brand experience.

The key to branding your content is creating and implementing a visual language, which clearly details elements such as colors, fonts, logo use, iconography and data visualization. This type of resource provides a guide for all designers and content creators working with your brand, empowering everyone in your company to produce more effective content.