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Visage 2.0 Update

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Greetings, Friends and Fellow Visagers!

We’ve been really productive the last few weeks, ever since we figured out how to hack the system at the local Starbucks. The outcome of which, I am happy to say, is that we’ve launched some of the cool new features you’ve been asking for. I present them, for the first time, in all their gif glory.

Team Templates


For those all-too-frequent times when you create a graphic that is just too beautiful to keep to yourself. You can now set any graphic as a branded template for your team to use as a starting point for their creations.


Bubble and Scatter Plot


We’ve got some new charts on the block. Scatter plots are great for showing correlation. eg. How does quantity of free beer impact employee satisfaction? Bubble charts add a third dimension to that visualization. eg. How much work gets done while drinking said beer?


In-App Education


Two things get us out of bed in the morning: direct trade, single-origin, artisanally roasted coffee – steeped in pretentiousness and helping marketers and communications folks tell better stories with their data. When you’re feeling a bit confused as to how you should be using any of our chart types, we’ve added a quick link to our educational e-books. If you are looking for a hands-on experience with your team, there are also details on our new Data Visualization 101 workshop.


Chart Options


We’ve added a handful of new options to our charting library, giving you more flexibility in your designs. You can now add a value (or word) to the inside of your donut charts. This is great for showing single-value percentages, or calling out the sum of all slices. You can also adjust the width of your bar charts to account for long data labels.

Finally, we’ve also given you more control over the axis range on many of our charts. However, that doesn’t mean bar charts can start with an axis >0. We just couldn’t live with ourselves.


New Text Editing Features

Check out this smooth operator:



Photo Filters


You can add and adjust the color and transparency of overlays to make your images consistent, and to ensure your audience sees your brand through Pullman brown-colored glasses.