Visage Deemed “Most Likely To Succeed” at SXSW Interactive 2014

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Since launch, the Visage team has been busier than ever. Not only did we debut the platform at SXSW Interactive this year, we were selected as one of 10 companies to participate in the ReleaseIt at SXSW contest—an on-stage pitch to a panel of judges.

We were honored to be participating alongside other great startups from around the country, and with only three minutes to pitch to the judges, we knew it had to be airtight. Visage Cofounder Jake Burkett took the reins, introducing Visage to the judges and explaining why we created it.

Jake did us proud; Visage came away with the top prize, deemed “Most Likely to Succeed” by the panel.

The ReleaseIt contest was a great experience and definite highlight of the conference. Thank you to the judges and the entire team behind SXSW Interactive; we’re looking forward to next year.

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  • Congrats on doing so well at SXSW

    Sorry to be pedantic but the correct spelling is taking the reins (not taking the reigns)

    The first refers to guiding a horse, the second one involves regicide !



    • Thanks for the congrats, Micky, and for keeping us in check. We’ve corrected the error.