There’s a ton of content in the world; the average American is bombarded with around 34 gigabytes of it each day.

As data designers, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to present information most effectively. It’s not just about making data look good; it’s about making the experience of viewing that data better for the audience in many ways.

When it comes to giving presentations, a well-designed visual aid can help you get your point across quickly, and clearly. Couple this with solid data to add objective validation to your ideas and you’ve struck presentation gold.

Ever notice that when you’re in a bad mood, you tend to make more mistakes? You stub your toe, fumble your cell phone, or misdial a number. According to a recent study from Tufts, your mood can also affect your visual judgement, particularly your ability to effectively interpret data visualizations.

The Tonight Show has undergone plenty of change in the last few years. Now in the hands of Jimmy Fallon, the show format is noticeably shifting. With less time devoted to talk segments and more devoted to music and comedy, Fallon is bringing the funny back to the show.

Fourth of July weekend is approaching, so it’s time to break out the beer, BBQ, and your American Flag.