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Summer Product Update

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I hope the heat of summer finds you more often on sandbars than subway platforms. We’ve just launched some great new features to share with you. Some have been oft-requested, some are big improvements on existing features, and others we just thought would be awesome. Here are a few things you can now do in Visage.

Leave Comments on a Graphic


For more hands-off collaboration, you can now leave feedback for teammates shared on your graphic. Within the editor, you can now select from edit, comment or view modes. Please use this with more discretion than your college roommate did with his passive aggressive Post-its.

Share With Specific People on Your Team


In your content creation process, you might need a hand, an opinion, or just a set of eyeballs on any given graphic. You can now share with individual teammates, and set their access to edit, comment or view – depending on whether it’s an “all hands on deck” or “look but don’t touch” type of situation.

Embed a Live Graphic in Your Site


Instead of downloading your graphics, you can now use the iframe code in the Share menu to embed them in your site. Any updates you make and save in Visage will update the published graphics automagically.

Brand Spanking New Text Editor


Without a doubt, the text editing experience in Visage has been the buggiest part of our app. We’ve completely replaced the technology we were using, which solved 99% of those frustrating issues you may have seen. We also added drag-to-size function to make it simple to quickly scale up and down text to fit your graphic. We’re sorry it used to suck. It works really nice now.

Leaner, Meaner Home Screen


Based on a lot of good feedback, we’ve consolidated our Templates andSaved Graphics pages into a single screen of unparalleled elegance and undeniable utility. Ok, we’re not totally sure of that yet, but it seems pretty neat. Let us know what you think!

We’d really love to hear your feedback on these new features, ideas for new ones, and any other challenges you’re looking to solve in your creation process.

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