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New Report Showcases the State of Startups in 2015

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Life as a startup entrepreneur is not easy; there is constant questioning and worry about everything from seed funding to staff size. How do you keep up? What is the state of the industry? How does your company compare to others? These challenges are not only yours. Every founder struggles with them. And, collectively, these individual issues shape the larger picture of startups.

So, what exactly is the state of startups today? To find out, First Round Capital conducted a survey of over 500 startup founders, asking them about their specific challenges, as well as the trends they see in startup life. The resulting report, which we helped visualize, is a fascinating snapshot of the startup hivemind.

Check out the full report to find out how entrepreneurs navigate diversity in the workplace, securing funding, IPOs, relationships with other co-founders, and the many other day-to-day aspects of startup life.