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Spring Product Update

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I hope this spring finds you happy, scrappy and healthy. I write to regale you with epic tales of software design and development from the front lines! Actually, I just want to tell you about a few things I think will make your life a little easier.

We’ve built some really cool new features over the last three months. If I could be so bold, I’d say they are exactly what you wanted. I trust you’ll tell me if I’m wrong. Here’s what we did:

Full Image Editor

We’ve integrated with Adobe Creative SDK (formerly Aviary) to provide a great, big set of photo editing tools, right within the Visage editor. You can now edit the color settings, apply filters and crop your images, along with a whole host of other good things.

Shiny, New Home Screen

To improve navigation throughout the app, we’ve added a home screen where you can access templates, your saved graphics and manage your crew – all in one place. Damn straight, Magellan.

Lock & Hide

In the “Objects” pane, you can now lock and hide elements of your graphic. These are particularly useful for background images, and for use on team templates to make sure certain elements remain fixed. There’s a joke in there about Lock & Hide also being a hipster boutique selling wigs and leather goods, but it really isn’t coming together.

Fast Canvas Size Editing

We now have simple shortcuts to common social media graphic sizes at the top of the canvas. You can also simply drag the bottom-right corner of the canvas to resize.

Even Simpler Chart Editing

We took a lot of your feedback to heart about our chart editing experience. You can now edit your data and the chart options directly on the canvas, and see your graphic update in real time. There are also a bunch of nice, new chart options for you in there as well.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ve added a lot of new, common shortcuts to make your work faster and easier. You can check them all out in the bottom-right of the Visage editor.

We continue to be really grateful for all of your support and feedback, it allows us to do what we love every day. We hope to return the favor.