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We Have Big News (and New Features)

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Greetings Visagers!

Big news in our world – last week we officially launched to the public! Check this stuff out – it’s good.

Beautiful Templates


Now, when you log in, you’ll see a bunch of beautifully designed templates that you can choose as a starting point for your graphic. Our goal is to get you from zero to holy-sh*t-that’s-good-looking in 3 minutes flat. If you had the time to ponder your work of art, we’d be selling berets.

Clone-able Graphics


This was one of our most requested features because no one is itching to start from scratch.  Now you can choose an existing design from your Saved Graphics page as a starting point for a new design.

New Rich Text Editor


For the typography lovers in our ranks, this is your jam. Now you can choose from a variety of font weights, styles, and colors, and adjust letter spacing, line height, and text alignment. This opens up a world of new design options that we’ve been geeking out on for the last week. What can we say? Our rich-text editor has expansive taste.

Build Your Team


Now you can add colleagues to your team by going to Manage Team in the top right-hand menu. This feature allows your team to share assets to ensure your graphics are consistent, on-brand, and beautiful. Rick, put down the PowerPoint and get over here!

What’s Up Next?

We’ve got a bunch of other cool things in the works, including 2 new chart types. To maintain a suspenseful narrative, their identities will remain a secret for now—letting that information bubble up now would lead to a scattered plot.
We’re also working on optimizing graphic sizes to fit the platforms where you publish (social sites, blog, etc.). If you regularly publish graphics through these channels, I’d love your input on how you would like to use this feature. You can reach out to me at ross at visage dot co, or, as always, in the little black bubble.