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Meet Visage 4.0: A Brand Design Tool for Your Whole Team

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We’ve recently made a bunch of awesome changes to Visage – many we’re quite stoked on. Over the last 16 months since we launched our new editor, we’ve listened and watched carefully to understand what kinds of graphics you’re wanting to create $1000 loan today. What we found is that many folks are not just making marketing content, but also reports, presentations, and other informational material, like eBooks.

While we’ve technically supported the creation of these to date, our design templates were mostly limited to a few layouts great for social media content. In short, they weren’t that helpful, and we set out to change that. Recently, we’ve launched a completely new library of 350 templates. These were our objectives for the designs:

Consistent and compatible: All 350 designs work well in combination with each other, so you can simply choose the templates that best fit your content to create a multi-page report or presentation with consistent style.

Flexible and brand-able: You can apply your brand fonts, colors, icons and logos while still maintaining the quality of the design.

Comprehensive: Having created over 4,000 graphics at Column Five over the last 9 years, we were lucky to start with a good understanding of all the types of information likely to be visualized. After scanning this archive of work, we distilled these graphics down to ~60 core layouts to cover most all cases. But that doesn’t mean we won’t continue to grow it.

Beautiful and engaging: The bar for both design and communication has been raised significantly across the business world in the past 5 years. Lengthy reports and shoddy PowerPoints are simply not as effective as they once were. Using our knowledge of storytelling, information design and visualization, our templates are designed to guide you in creating interesting, powerful, and beautiful graphics.

There are a few other little changes you should be aware of as you dive back in.

Consolidation of saved graphics and templates: Your team templates are no longer separated from your saved graphics. Your previous templates are now simply saved graphics that are shared with “view” access to your entire team. Instead of clicking to create from template, they’ll simply “clone” to create. If you want to preserve the template distinction, you can tag these graphics as “template”, so they can be easily searched.

We made this change because many people were using templates and saved graphics interchangeably, using both as starting points for new creations. If you haven’t set any graphics as templates, this change won’t affect you at all.

Choose a template when creating a new page: Instead of starting with a blank page, you’ll now be able to select from the same set of page templates, so you can choose the one that’s just right for your content.

We’re really excited for you to check these changes out and very interested to hear your feedback.