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Is it Dumb to want the sort of True Love like in the Movies?

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Reader Question:

Is it foolish to want the kind of real love such as the flicks?

-Randy (Wisconsin)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

Movie really love is so clean, isn’t it? Boy meets girl. Boy seems to lose woman. Boy gets woman again. Raise up thundering songs, zoom in on passionate kiss, fade to cheerfully ever after.

Randy, is this really what you would like? Straightforward plot formula made to motivate wish and stir-up a peaceful desperate loneliness in the audience.

Movie love is all about as close to genuine love as movie theater popcorn butter will be the butter. One comes out of a can, another from a pet’s breast. Film love is a mind secret done with smoking and mirrors: momentary glances, remarkable songs and sexual love moments where no one will lose an erection or will get a bladder illness.

But your genuine concern, Randy, is actually, are you presently stupid? Naturally you are not stupid! Tend to be each of us foolish to crave salt, sugar and fat? Absolutely no way. All of our anthropological ancestors became an insatiable craving of these trace vitamins and each and every fast food restaurant provides capitalized on that yearning nowadays.

Furthermore, our very own little band of questioning hunter/gatherers created a life threatening yearning for love and reference to any overseas genes they encountered – a way to expand the gene share. Nowadays Hollywood features capitalized on that yearning for you personally.

Genuine really love, my beloved Randy, is actually an option, a rational dedication to trade attention with someone else, even though that other person looks not one bit like a rom-com heroine. And the ability to have that is what make united states person, not manufactured.

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