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Infographics that Prove the Value of Email Marketing with Data

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There’s a tendency among, well, everyone, to toss out the old when something newer comes along. Email marketing has been around for a while. The first email was sent in 1971, and by 1978, Gary Thuerk sent the first mass mailing—before the Internet was even a thing. (That happened about 13 years later.)

The History of Email marketing

Even though email marketing is getting long in the tooth, it still has teeth. SPAM might be effectively filtered out, but effective email marketing? That’s not slowing down. It’s getting better.

Mobile marketing is the new kid in town, but hand-in-hand with the old guard, it’s producing results. 55% of mobile users check their email at least once a day on their phones to  track deliveries or check special offers and promotions.

Stong signals in email

How effective is email marketing exactly? Consumers who receive marketing emails spend 83% more when shopping, their orders are 44% larger, and they order 28% more often.

Pushing the email envelope

Email isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’s still how most of us communicate every day for business and personal (even with social media offering a tempting alternative).

Email communication when at work vs. home

But just because “email marketing” in general works doesn’t mean your email marketing campaign will be a guaranteed success or a quick win. Email marketing works as well as it does because companies are doing it better than ever before. Smart companies know that to save their copy from the Junk and Trash folders, their content has to be eye-catching and contain genuine value. When you train your email subscribers to expect valuable content from you, every time, your open rates will rise – as will your sales.

Set your preconceived notions about email marketing aside and send people messages that will make their lives better, their jobs easier, and their day just a little more fun. And, while you’re at it, rid yourself of these 7 myths too.

7 Myths of email marketing