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How to Use Your Culture to Make Branded Content that Matters

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    Creating good branded content is really hard, even for the best of the best like LinkedIn, Kapost, and Contently. It takes time, especially when you care about quality rather than sheer volume. Yes, it’s easy to get impatient and be tempted to just get a piece of content out the door. But to remain effective, you have to experiment and try new things. Of course, this effort sometimes involves a lot of changing direction, making a team of smart content marketers feel fragmented. When you feel like your brand’s content needs an injection of fuel, look within to your culture.

    Your brand is your Spaceship Earth, and your culture is mission control. If your content is feeling scattered, go back to your strong foundation and start fresh, using your culture to create content that truly matters to you and the people you are working with.

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    Our new ebook, Culture Marketing: Brand Content That Matters, shows you everything you need to do that. Find out how to identify your cultural core, learn why culture matters, and get tips to help your ideation process. And if you’re feeling super inspired, try Visage to help you create some of that content.

    Now go forth and create.