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How to share and/or download your graphic in Visage

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That really awesome graphic you made deserves to be seen by the world! Let’s teach you to share and download so it can get out there.

Save Your Graphic

Before we do anything else, be sure to title and save your graphic.



Share Your Graphic

To share, click “SHARE,” which is located next to “SAVE” and “TITLE.”

If your graphic is still in draft mode, clicking “SHARE” brings up a message prompting you to publish.

Click anywhere on the gray “DRAFT” box. The gray box will turn blue and say “PUBLISHED.”

Below the “PUBLISHED” button is a URL and an embed code you can copy and paste. There are also links to Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. This allows you to instantly send your graphic out to your followers.



Download Your Graphic

To download, click “DOWNLOAD.”

This triggers a slide-out menu that displays the file options for download.

If you’d like to save your graphic in high-resolution click the box under “HI-RES”.

Click the desired file type. This will prompt the download wheel.

Once the wheel displays “100%” your graphic will be in your downloads folder.