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How to make and customize charts in Visage

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The human brain prioritizes visual information, so let’s add some charts and customize them to keep those viewers engaged.

Step 1: Add your chart

Click the chart icon from the elements toolbar.

Choose the chart that will communicate your data most effectively and click on it. This will add the chart to your canvas.

make a chart gif1

Step 2: Resize your Chart

The chart will be highlighted by a teal outline and the chart toolbox will be visible.

You can resize your chart proportionally by dragging and dropping any corner.

make a chart gif2

Step 3: Choose your Colors

To change the color of the text on your chart, click the “A” with a color bar underneath it.

You can change the color scheme of your chart by clicking on the paint can icon.

make a chart gif3

Step 4: Input your Data

Once you’ve got your chart looking good, click “EDIT DATA”.

This is where you input your data.

make a chart gif4

Step 5: Customize your Chart

The customization options vary depending on the type of chart you’re using. All of the charts allow you to change the size of the chart labels and the location of the legend.

The changes you make to your chart will update in real time.