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Data Stories Show Increased Marketing Spending

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Marketing budgets are soaring sky-high this year, as more and more companies realize their old marketing methods are nearing the ends of their lifespans. Which marketing trends are on the rise, and which are poised to fall? These charts will tell you.

Content marketing has experienced a huge upswing in both B2B and B2C markets.


In fact, a full 54% of business leaders expect their budgets to grow next year and plan to spend more on digital marketing channels, with a heavy emphasis on content marketing and less focus on traditional marketing channels.




Email marketing, specifically, is benefiting from renewed interest, especially with lifecycle nurture campaigns and automated/triggered programs.


Even the pharmaceutical industry is increasing its marketing spending–to the point that marketing budgets eclipse the money set aside for research and development.

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Another area set for growth is mobile advertising, with some experts estimating that mobile ad spend will overtake desktop by 2018. Until now, only about 8% of ad dollars have been allocated toward mobile advertising, despite the fact that American consumers spend 24% of their time on their mobile devices.

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Within the umbrella category of mobile ad spend, Facebook and Google are primed to dominate the field.

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What will happen to content marketing and mobile ads once billions of dollars are spent to develop them into ever more efficient sales tools? Only time will tell, but we hope content will become easier to read on mobile devices—for a start.