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Client Reporting Software Save hours with automated templates

Be proud to present your insights

Stop Wasting Hours on Ineffective Powerpoint Decks

The information in client reports is enormously valuable, but it takes a lot of time to prepare them. 

It’s tough to pull together data from multiple data sources. Many Account Managers have to rush to get key metrics reports completed, and don’t have budget to hire a designer to help. The end result is a sloppy Powerpoint that doesn’t tell a compelling story to the valuable client. Visage helps you save hours, even days, each month preparing your client reports.

We can use your existing design from Keynote, Powerpoint or Adobe InDesign in our platform, or design a fresh custom client report style for you in your own branding. Because Visage is a flexible, custom design tool, we don’t have the rigid limitations that you are stuck with in most dashboard and reporting platforms.

Once you are happy with the story structure for your reports, we set up a Visage Data-Mapping Workflow to update the data for each client.

Further, once the data is updated, you have total flexibility to edit data or make changes to provide additional insights and recommendations.

You can then share the report via URL and allow your client to add comments or questions, or you can simply export as PDF. Along the way, we’re always available to help ensure the accuracy of your reports and help you save time creating them!

Here is a quick video walk-through to show you how the report creation and editing tools work:

See How It Works

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