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Visage for Brand Management Protect and Preserve Your Brand with Branded Data Visualizations

The Platform

Every piece of content you create is a reflection of your brand, from your content marketing to your annual report. Both what you are communicating — and how you are communicating it — influence people’s perception. When it comes to your content, ensuring accuracy and credibility is vital to your reputation—especially in data.

Well-designed data increases appeal, comprehension and retention of data, and maintains your brand’s visual presence. Of course, not every designer is a data specialist. To help designers create accurate, on-brand visualizations, we created the e-book, Data Visualization 101: How to Design Charts and Graphs.


  • Google
  • First Round
  • Mozilla
  • LinkedIn
  • Intuit
  • University of California Irvine
  • Intuit
  • Carnegie
  • VMWare
  • Career Builder
  • Neustar
  • Business Insider
  • Pay Scale
  • EDF
  • Northwestern
  • Mercer
  • Kaiser
  • Hewlett Foundation
  • Course Hero

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