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Measuring Markets: Why Content Creation is Crucial to Digital Marketing

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From the funny to the ridiculous and anywhere in between, so much hype is placed on Super Bowl commercials—learning that a 30 second ad cost more than $5 million dollars blew my mind. But most of these multimillion-dollar ads (many having nothing to do with the actual products) fail to make me more inclined to buy a certain brand of chips or beer. Is this kind of marketing really that effective, or are these companies just flexing their muscles for show? http://loans-cash.net

Traditional, Digital, and Content Marketing

Traditional Marketing: Print, Radio, TV

Digital Marketing: Online, Smartphone, Content Marketing

Although traditional marketing directly targets specific groups, it misses many possible consumers by failing to engage with them and spark curiosity. Digital marketing is more personalized through different innovations онлайн займ на карту без отказа. Unlike old-school marketing, it exposes potential consumers to different brands and creates engagement between the brand and buyer.

Content marketing, a type of digital marketing tactic, includes graphics, web pages, blogs, podcasts, apps, interactive content, events, and e-books. What defines content marketing is the ability to create value for the viewer and potential consumer. A print, radio, or TV ad may give value to a consumer, but the intent of most traditional marketing focuses on micro-targeting a specific, exact audience.

Projected Budgets for Digital and Content Marketing

Content Marketing Emphasis

The Content Marketing Institute’s report, “B2B Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, North America,” revealed some interesting results. Content marketing efforts thrive among those who place value in it. When asked what factors contributed to their overall business success, 85% of B2B marketers pointed to higher-quality content creation, and more than half said that making it a priority was beneficial.

Marketers understand the importance and benefits they gain from making content creation a focal point. As digital marketing spending continues to rise, so will content creation’s potential.

Trends Worth Paying Attention to

Digital ad spending has already begun to surpass TV ad spending, and it’s only going to grow. What can we attribute this to? A new trend is quickly gaining popularity within households, notable amongst millennials: cord-cutting. With so many different streaming options for TV, movies, sports, and more, purchasing in-home cable TV is a thing of the past. This forces marketers to become more creative in their tactics to focus on finding consumers through digital means.

Another challenge that marketers are combating is the ever-popular and growing ad blocking software. This software is detrimental to marketing efforts and costs. Now marketing efforts must be more innovative than ever in reaching out to engage possible consumers.

This is all great news for content creation! As traditional ads fall victim to ad blocking, companies will invest more in creating quality content to bring value to consumers.