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Good design is essential in today’s business world. Companies such as IBM, IKEA, Apple and Nike have led the charge, making good design mainstream, while startups such as Pinterest and Instagram have found success in prioritizing design.

Today, excellent design doesn’t differentiate; it’s an essential part of running a business. And when it comes to your company’s visual communication, good design is more important than ever.

All content deserves good design, whether a report, presentation, press release or slideshow presentation. (Socialcast SlideShare presentation)

If you want to maximize the impact of your message and ensure your audience retains the information, making your content more visual and infusing it with good design is the best way to do so. Because our brains are prewired to process visual information, visual communication is more appealing, engaging and easier to synthesize. This makes it an incredibly powerful tool to communicate in the fast-paced business world.

NFL Booklet

Good design transforms data into information that is impactful and instantly understood. (NFL Team Website Performance Booklet)

In addition to delivering your information more effectively, well-designed visual communication helps maintain your brand identity. Everything you create is a reflection of your brand; disseminating content that adheres to your brand style helps preserve and promote that identity, strengthening your audience’s connection with every piece of content your produce, whether that’s an infographic of client-facing report.


A well-designed annual report gives readers insight into a company’s accomplishments and reflects its brand values and mission. (Goodwill of Orange County 2012 Annual Report)

The first step to creating effective visual content is creating a visual language to guide design. Identifying this style and adhering to design best practices will ensure that your content is as effective as possible. For tips and information on how to get started, download our free eBook, A Business Guide to Visual Communication.