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How to change your font or text style in Visage

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Your text style should be as unique and colorful as your personal style. Don’t be afraid to change things up.

Selected State Toolbox

There are two ways to change your font family. If you click the text once, it will outline the text box in teal and display the selected state toolbox. This toolbox allows you to move text forward and backward, change the font family, adjust the opacity, clone a text box, or trash it. Click anywhere on the name to display other font family options.

Clicking on a new font will immediately change the text. When using the selected state tool box you do not need to highlight the text to change the font.


Editing State Toolbox

To bring up the editing state toolbox, click on the text again. This toolbox allows you to change the font family, style, size, color, alignment, line height, and letter spacing. If you’re unsure what an icon does, hover over it and a tool tip will appear. You can access this menu directly by double clicking your text. When using the editing state toolbox you need to highlight all of the text you want to edit; otherwise the changes will not be applied.

Font Style


Font Size


Font Color