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Good design has become pervasive in our world, infusing everything from the websites we visit to the content we consume. This is for good reason: Our brains are pre-wired to consume, process and synthesize visual information more quickly than any other stimuli. That’s why good design improves our experience, whether it’s a product or powerful

If you have a meaty subject that needs to be simplified or explored in an easy-to-digest format,  an e-book may be the right medium. E-books are great tools for many reasons. You’re not limited the way you are when writing for print. There’s no page limit, no color limit, and your ideas don’t have to

Feeling boxed in? Or maybe you’ve got too much white space? Resize your canvas in a few easy steps. Resize Canvas by Platform Above all templates is a list of links. Click the link for “Facebook” or “Instagram” and you will be taken to templates sized for those platforms. You can change the size of any

The human brain prioritizes visual information, so let’s add some charts and customize them to keep those viewers engaged. Step 1: Add your chart Click the chart icon from the elements toolbar. Choose the chart that will communicate your data most effectively and click on it. This will add the chart to your canvas. Step 2: Resize

That really awesome graphic you made deserves to be seen by the world! Let’s teach you to share and download so it can get out there. Save Your Graphic Before we do anything else, be sure to title and save your graphic.     Share Your Graphic To share, click “SHARE,” which is located next

Your text style should be as unique and colorful as your personal style. Don’t be afraid to change things up. Selected State Toolbox There are two ways to change your font family. If you click the text once, it will outline the text box in teal and display the selected state toolbox. This toolbox allows you

Consistent branding is key to successful marketing. Load your brand’s color set into Visage and save yourself the headache of color matching. Your Brand’s Color sets Once you’ve signed in to your account, click the drop-down menu in the top-right corner. From there, click on “YOUR BRAND.” You will be redirected to your assets page. This is

How do you create good design? The difference between success and failure is often as simple as having the right resources. We’ve rounded up 25 of our designer resources, from Photoshop plugins, to UI elements, free imagery and mockup graphics. Use these tools to work smarter, faster and create good things along the way. 1)

Being a freelancer gives you much more life freedom–I mean, it’s right there in the name–but what it also brings is a lot more responsibility for keeping organized, productive and on top of things. Essentially, you’re a one person business. We’ve rounded up 28 top-knotch freelance resources to take you to the next level, whether

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV ) has been called “the most important metric for understanding your business.” But understanding exactly how to leverage CLV into a revenue-generating machine isn’t always easy. What is CLV? Why is it more important now than ever before? What can you do to improve it? We’ve collected the best Customer Lifetime