Data Storytelling

If you want to tell a powerful story, data is the way to go. Whether it’s proprietary data, industry research, or public data, there are compelling stories all around. But even the best data story can lose impact if it isn’t presented the right way. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right data

Technology fads are met with a variety of responses: some people need it, some are moderately interested in it, and some want nothing to do with it. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the newest arrivals. They come with plenty of hype, but will they really break through? Though they’re exciting, these technologies

So you conducted a kick-ass survey and now you just need to communicate your findings to your audience. Don’t waste your reader’s time by forcing them to scroll through pages of irrelevant responses. It’s your job to look through the responses, sort the answers, spot trends, and create a visual report that they can easily

There’s a ton of content in the world; the average American is bombarded with around 34 gigabytes of it each day.

Reports help your business in every way. The information—especially data—communicated shows what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and how you could do things better. But the story and insights are only effective if they are properly presented. In this series, we show you the 4 steps to crafting a killer report that makes an impact.

A well-designed infographic is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s visualizing a large amount of data or simply presenting information in a visual context, there’s no denying our brains love information design. In the hands of the right designer, an infographic can turn into a real work of art. As cofounder of Column Five, a content

Every startup dreams of becoming a game-changer when it grows up. And, many startup founders dream of a scalable trajectory that leads them straight to a billion-dollar business that defines its niche. Listen, if that were easy, we’d all be doing it. But, with more and more startups blazing trails by the day, it’s not

Anyone in the digital marketing industry for any amount of time is likely familiar with the notion of search engine optimization (SEO). For the sake of this article, we’re not going to delve into why SEO is important or discuss any extremely technical aspects of SEO. Instead, this article is about optimizing your infographic for

As technology advances and new tools integrate in the marketplace, an interesting phenomenon occurs: The way we digest and experience content changes. Consider the news. Think about how we followed current events 20 years ago. We mainly relied on the Sunday newspaper or watched copious amounts of news coverage on TV. But consider how we