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From the funny to the ridiculous and anywhere in between, so much hype is placed on Super Bowl commercials—learning that a 30 second ad cost more than $5 million dollars blew my mind. But most of these multimillion-dollar ads (many having nothing to do with the actual products) fail to make me more inclined to

What is a brand? How do you ensure yours is strong (and real)? At Visage and Column Five, we find that when our partners struggle to craft a unifying brand story, it’s because they don’t entirely know who they are. It’s not surprising. It’s tough work that requires deep self-reflection about your core purpose, vision,

Marketing is a tough job on its own, but it’s even tougher when you’re tasked with marketing a product as boring as bottled water or batteries. Unfortunately, common products tend to breed common advertising. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, launching a successful marketing campaign that gets people talking about toilet paper—outside the

Content marketing is no easy task. Whether you’re a one-person marketing department at a startup or CMO of a Fortune 500, doing it well—and within budget—is always a challenge. As a cofounder of Column Five, a visual studio that specializes in content marketing, I’m no stranger to the challenge. Luckily, over the years, I’ve found

“When shall we three meet again – in thunder, lightning, or in rain?” – Macbeth Shakespeare knew that to entertain his audience (and prevent them from throwing apple cores at the actors), he had to grab their attention from the beginning. That’s why he began nearly every play with humor, violence, magic, or mystery. You

We have entered an age where visual communication is essential for any company. The need to tell complex stories quickly, effectively and in a way that engages people is not just prevalent, it is universal. Brands that learn and utilize visual communication as a tool to distribute their message and inspire audiences will run circles

Anyone in the digital marketing industry for any amount of time is likely familiar with the notion of search engine optimization (SEO). For the sake of this article, we’re not going to delve into why SEO is important or discuss any extremely technical aspects of SEO. Instead, this article is about optimizing your infographic for

On the surface, gating your content behind a form seems like a pretty straightforward way to generate leads. You tell people you have some awesome content, they hand over their information to get it and—voila!—a new customer is born. (You’ll notice when you get to the end of this article that you, too, will have the option

Most of us, at one point or another, have failed at one of the following: Keeping a journal past 3 days Updating our blog at least twice a week Making time to write that ebook/case study/downloadable asset Writing and sending holiday cards to everyone on our list Creating content is hard. We know the content

From how they spend their time to the things that make them tick, we dive deep into 13 pop culture personalities’ psyches to see what Data Viz they would cook up in Visage.