Greetings, Friends and Fellow Visagers! We’ve been really productive the last few weeks, ever since we figured out how to hack the system at the local Starbucks. The outcome of which, I am happy to say, is that we’ve launched some of the cool new features you’ve been asking for. I present them, for the

Creating good branded content is really hard, even for the best of the best like LinkedIn, Kapost, and Contently. It takes time, especially when you care about quality rather than sheer volume. Yes, it’s easy to get impatient and be tempted to just get a piece of content out the door. But to remain effective,

Numbers are prickly things to a lot of people. They strike fear into the hearts of many, and baffle many more. But something magical happens when those numbers become a friendly image, easily grasped at a glance. It’s then that those numbers become a story. Journalists have tapped into the power of infographics and data

If you didn’t get the memo from Dr. Seuss, words and pictures work well together. Because while some people can see meaningful images in the curves and lines of letters and digits, others need a little help to visualize what you’re trying to tell them. We know this. So, why hasn’t content marketing caught on

The key to great content may be the last thing you’d think about: Your organizational culture. Why? Because your brand is shaped by many things, but who you are, what you value, and what you believe is the foundation. And these elements drive your communication. From what you say to how you speak, the content

Every organization has great data stories at their disposal. Whether a customer poll or your analyst crunching numbers, you can learn—and share—great insights if you know where to look. We recently asked our customers a few questions to get a sense of how they’re using data in their day-to-day content marketing. (Thank you so much

When you’re a one-person operation working out of your home, brand consistency is the last thing on your mind. You have a logo and a color scheme, so you call it good. But when your business grows, incorporating more people, more voices, more opinions, and more styles while reaching more prospects every day, brand consistency

Data can be used to help us make more educated decisions, motivate us to change our behavior or to recognize trends in life. It does not stand alone, however. Like the pages of a book, data needs to be bound together and presented as a story to strike the heart strings of its reader. Last

Greetings Visagers! Big news in our world – last week we officially launched to the public! Check this stuff out – it’s good. Beautiful Templates Now, when you log in, you’ll see a bunch of beautifully designed templates that you can choose as a starting point for your graphic. Our goal is to get you

It’s finally here. We’re happy to say that Visage has officially launched.