Feeling boxed in? Or maybe you’ve got too much white space? Resize your canvas in a few easy steps. Resize Canvas by Platform Above all templates is a list of links. Click the link for “Facebook” or “Instagram” and you will be taken to templates sized for those platforms. You can change the size of any

The human brain prioritizes visual information, so let’s add some charts and customize them to keep those viewers engaged. Step 1: Add your chart Click the chart icon from the elements toolbar. Choose the chart that will communicate your data most effectively and click on it. This will add the chart to your canvas. Step 2: Resize

Content marketers love data because they know that nothing is more convincing than a set of numbers proving that a product works. But while content marketers often use data in their content, not many display their data to its best effect. Those who do combine the powers of data and design set themselves apart in

Fifteen years in the making, the day has finally come for a Zoolander sequel. We wanted to honor this day with a series of visuals we made with Visage memorializing our favorite scenes and quotes from the classic Zoolander. The graphics include “data sets” on the popularity of Zoolander’s signature poses, the uniqueness of not

How do you measure the value of good content and create a report to demonstrate its worth? That’s the question dogging nearly every marketing department. You know how much inbound/content marketing can impact your business, but proving the ROI to the higher-ups can be a challenge. When convincing managers and CEOs to allocate funds to

That really awesome graphic you made deserves to be seen by the world! Let’s teach you to share and download so it can get out there. Save Your Graphic Before we do anything else, be sure to title and save your graphic.     Share Your Graphic To share, click “SHARE,” which is located next

Your text style should be as unique and colorful as your personal style. Don’t be afraid to change things up. Selected State Toolbox There are two ways to change your font family. If you click the text once, it will outline the text box in teal and display the selected state toolbox. This toolbox allows you

Consistent branding is key to successful marketing. Load your brand’s color set into Visage and save yourself the headache of color matching. Your Brand’s Color sets Once you’ve signed in to your account, click the drop-down menu in the top-right corner. From there, click on “YOUR BRAND.” You will be redirected to your assets page. This is

What is the story behind the people supporting Donald Trump as a presidential candidate? Not to pick on Trump, but the question of “Who would vote for this guy?” looms large over his campaign. There’s a story there, one that many journalists are puzzling over, but one that one striking data visualization by Cubeyou explains at

You know data is a powerful tool to help tell your story. You’ve done your research, gathered your data, and you’re ready to put it all together. But you’re not a designer or data scientist. So, how do you ensure you’re choosing the right data visualization to tell your story? It’s not as hard as