If you have a meaty subject that needs to be simplified or explored in an easy-to-digest format,  an e-book may be the right medium. E-books are great tools for many reasons. You’re not limited the way you are when writing for print. There’s no page limit, no color limit, and your ideas don’t have to

Do you remember that one time you had a meeting where everyone was prepared, knew the objective of the meeting, and truly valued one another’s unique contributions? Sure, these meetings happen—about as frequently as Halley’s Comet. Assuming that you work with good people who care, why is it so hard to create the right conditions for

I hope this spring finds you happy, scrappy and healthy. I write to regale you with epic tales of software design and development from the front lines! Actually, I just want to tell you about a few things I think will make your life a little easier. We’ve built some really cool new features over

On the surface, gating your content behind a form seems like a pretty straightforward way to generate leads. You tell people you have some awesome content, they hand over their information to get it and—voila!—a new customer is born. (You’ll notice when you get to the end of this article that you, too, will have the option

Most of us, at one point or another, have failed at one of the following: Keeping a journal past 3 days Updating our blog at least twice a week Making time to write that ebook/case study/downloadable asset Writing and sending holiday cards to everyone on our list Creating content is hard. We know the content

Good design is often silent. Since our interactions with good design feel effortless and intuitive, we rarely think about how much work goes into creating it. Indeed, if design is done well, the reader shouldn’t have to think about it at all (though appreciation is always welcome!). One of the most important design decisions is

We’re celebrating Super Tuesday by giving the candidates a Super Mario Kart makeover. Here are the stats to make sure you pick the right player for the presidency.

From how they spend their time to the things that make them tick, we dive deep into 13 pop culture personalities’ psyches to see what Data Viz they would cook up in Visage.

For the last 4 months, our team has been heads-down building an entirely new content creation experience. We’re calling it Visage 3.0. We’ve had a pretty good time making it, but this is the really fun part for us. Why did we create a whole new experience? In talking to thousands of people using the

We whipped up a few graphics to recap last night’s Grammy event. Enjoy.