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We interviewed Ben Parr on creating content with data; here’s what he said.

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Data can be used to help us make more educated decisions, motivate us to change our behavior or to recognize trends in life. It does not stand alone, however. Like the pages of a book, data needs to be bound together and presented as a story to strike the heart strings of its reader.

Last week, we listened to the award-winning journalist, author, entrepreneur, and investor Ben Parr break down the basics of how we can use data to better captivate, fascinate, and motivate our audience.

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“[Visual Content] is essential. Color, perception, and association each affect how we feel about a brand”

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This concept is also known as the framing effect, adapting to or trying to change one’s view of a subject.

The ability to frame your data to motivate an audience is a reason data visualization has value among marketers today.

Listen to what Ben Parr has to say in the interview by checking out the video: