So you conducted a kick-ass survey and now you just need to communicate your findings to your audience. Don’t waste your reader’s time by forcing them to scroll through pages of irrelevant responses. It’s your job to look through the responses, sort the answers, spot trends, and create a visual report that they can easily

Marketing is a tough job on its own, but it’s even tougher when you’re tasked with marketing a product as boring as bottled water or batteries. Unfortunately, common products tend to breed common advertising. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, launching a successful marketing campaign that gets people talking about toilet paper—outside the

E-books give you the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader while providing your audience with content they want to engage with. If you don’t have a couple of publications in a virtual library, you’re missing out. But know that e-book readers are just as selective as traditional consumers, and they won’t settle for

Just like people judge a book by its cover, visitors will judge your blog by your blog photos. Therefore, it’s important to put thought behind each image. If you’re new to photo design, these 12 tips will help you avoid rookie mistakes. 1. If you’re sticking with stock, make sure it doesn’t suck People wouldn’t

Depending on what kind of data you’re presenting, bar charts may be the best way to display your information. (For more help deciding which chart will display your data, check out our blog post). If a bar chart is the right format, here are 12 design tips to make sure you’re visualizing the data as

Visualizing data isn’t as simple as inserting a spread sheet into a PowerPoint presentation. If you don’t feed your reader’s need for visual aids, they’ll simply scroll on by. Visualizing data is the key to comprehension so you should know which charts display qualitative data best, or how many categories to include in a pie chart without overwhelming your

If you have a meaty subject that needs to be simplified or explored in an easy-to-digest format,  an e-book may be the right medium. E-books are great tools for many reasons. You’re not limited the way you are when writing for print. There’s no page limit, no color limit, and your ideas don’t have to

Feeling boxed in? Or maybe you’ve got too much white space? Resize your canvas in a few easy steps. Resize Canvas by Platform Above all templates is a list of links. Click the link for “Facebook” or “Instagram” and you will be taken to templates sized for those platforms. You can change the size of any

The human brain prioritizes visual information, so let’s add some charts and customize them to keep those viewers engaged. Step 1: Add your chart Click the chart icon from the elements toolbar. Choose the chart that will communicate your data most effectively and click on it. This will add the chart to your canvas. Step 2: Resize

That really awesome graphic you made deserves to be seen by the world! Let’s teach you to share and download so it can get out there. Save Your Graphic Before we do anything else, be sure to title and save your graphic.     Share Your Graphic To share, click “SHARE,” which is located next