If you want to tell a powerful story, data is the way to go. Whether it’s proprietary data, industry research, or public data, there are compelling stories all around. But even the best data story can lose impact if it isn’t presented the right way. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right data

We’ve recently made a bunch of awesome changes to Visage – many we’re quite stoked on. Over the last 16 months since we launched our new editor, we’ve listened and watched carefully to understand what kinds of graphics you’re wanting to create $1000 loan today. What we found is that many folks are not just making

“When shall we three meet again – in thunder, lightning, or in rain?” – Macbeth Shakespeare knew that to entertain his audience (and prevent them from throwing apple cores at the actors), he had to grab their attention from the beginning. That’s why he began nearly every play with humor, violence, magic, or mystery. You

Every startup dreams of becoming a game-changer when it grows up. And, many startup founders dream of a scalable trajectory that leads them straight to a billion-dollar business that defines its niche. Listen, if that were easy, we’d all be doing it. But, with more and more startups blazing trails by the day, it’s not

I hope this spring finds you happy, scrappy and healthy. I write to regale you with epic tales of software design and development from the front lines! Actually, I just want to tell you about a few things I think will make your life a little easier. We’ve built some really cool new features over

On the surface, gating your content behind a form seems like a pretty straightforward way to generate leads. You tell people you have some awesome content, they hand over their information to get it and—voila!—a new customer is born. (You’ll notice when you get to the end of this article that you, too, will have the option

We’re celebrating Super Tuesday by giving the candidates a Super Mario Kart makeover. Here are the stats to make sure you pick the right player for the presidency.

For the last 4 months, our team has been heads-down building an entirely new content creation experience. We’re calling it Visage 3.0. We’ve had a pretty good time making it, but this is the really fun part for us. Why did we create a whole new experience? In talking to thousands of people using the

We whipped up a few graphics to recap last night’s Grammy event. Enjoy.

Content marketers love data because they know that nothing is more convincing than a set of numbers proving that a product works. But while content marketers often use data in their content, not many display their data to its best effect. Those who do combine the powers of data and design set themselves apart in