The best way to make a great infographic? Make sure it has great data. It’s the key to telling a good story and—when properly visualized—makes that story more memorable. But where do you get that data? You may have some in-house. You may have come across an interesting study. Or you may need to start

You want to be original. Everyone does. In storytelling, originality counts for a lot. With original content, you can be confident that you’re giving your audience something fresh, whether it’s an entirely new story or a retelling from a new angle. If you’re in the content marketing game, data is a fantastic tool for original

“Brand storytelling” is on track to become the hottest buzzword in 2015. This popular new word is even making it’s way into employee titles. What’s a Chief Storyteller, and where can I apply? Long story short, the phrase “brand storytelling” is being overused more than an online coupon code at But there is value