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Armenian Weddings & Banquet Halls: Traditions, Food, Dance, & More

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In the 1940s and 1950s , couples were encouraged to have four or more children and those who did were rewarded with things like free milk, living stipends, and better homes. Women who had 10 or more children were also awarded a medal of honor, alongside the title of Heroine Mother of the Soviet Union. Thus, Soviet legislation was adopted during the early 1920s that established civil marriage, easy divorce, abortion services, maternity pay, and childcare facilities. Women were given equal rights to hold land, act as heads of households, be members in rural communes, and perform paid labor. After this, they head over to the bride’s house, and get together for an elaborate party with the bride’s immediate family, extended family, and bridesmaids. The day of the wedding is a rush of emotions, and extremely hectic. For Armenians, there are a number of events and traditions that the couple needs to go through besides the actual wedding ceremony and reception.

Armenia is home to one of the sexiest, most lovely and nicely-identified to the world family of women — the Kardashians. It’s okay if the website requires you to submit your full name, email, and general information in the registration phase. However, if they ask you for your credit card number right from the start, this is a definitive reason for concern.

An Armenian mail order bride will not argue with you being the leader in the relationship — she will actually embrace it. A traditional Armenian bride will wear a red silk gown and a cardboard headpiece that is shaped like wings and covered with feathers. During the ceremony, the god-parents who must be an exemplary married couple act as witnesses. The godfather must bring the most expensive gift and he takes the bride to the altar.

You may invite them to restaurants, movie theaters, or music events; however, don’t expect that they will agree to a two-day trip since they care about their reputation. When dating a lady from this country, keep in mind that she will consider you as a potential long-term partner. Many men are looking for an Armenian girl for marriage since these women are a joy to be with. Besides, they always put honesty and reliability over money. Cute Armenian brideStrong-willed, self-confident character. Unlike Slavic and Asian women, they are not so accommodating and are always ready to show their hot blood. Another example is as the bride and groom leave the bride’s house to go to the ceremony, https://asian-brides.org/armenian-brides/ guests throw sweets, nuts and coins.

  • To add more, local women from Asian countries are looking for strong men who can be leaders in relationships.
  • Something as mundane as driving her where she wants to go or bringing her groceries to her home can go a long way.
  • And along the way, there’s always someone urging you to stay and keep partying.
  • Making connections, receiving messages and even replying are free.
  • These common factors are the main reasons why gorgeous Armenian women are interested in dating men from other countries.

That year, only seven women occupied parliamentary positions. Among these female politicians was Hranush Hakobyan, the longest-serving woman in the National Assembly of Armenia. In addition, Armenian women’s place in politics is often located in the private sphere. In 2015, Arpine Hovhannisyan became the first Armenian Woman to hold the position of Justice Minister in Armenia, a role she held until 2017.

The khosk-arnel is a gathering which includes the immediate family of both the bride and groom. They are invited over usually for coffee, tea, and dinner. Some of the older Armenian wedding traditions are beginning to fade away, including some that are related to the proposal; however, some families are keeping them alive. And if there’s one thing that Armenians are known for, it’s their long, extravagant wedding days.

However, in reality, Armenian brides are a few of the most passionate ladies you may have ever met. But a good one will allow its users to look around without paying a penny. This includes the full access to the terms and conditions, pricing policy, success stories, and even browsing through some ladies’ profiles. Once you see how many hot Armenian brides the site has, it will be natural to become a paying member. At this stage, you can also estimate the site’s interface. After all, it might take you some time to choose a life partner, so you have to be comfortable with the service. Indeed, women in this and the overwhelming majority of other countries stopped searching for their men in clubs a long time ago.

Since 2010, Taylor has become hooked on online dating and changed his entire career to working in this industry. Being a talented matchmaking expert, he continues his career path and helps an increasing number of singles to develop their dating skills both online and offline. There may not be as many Armenian mail order brides as there are other European and Asian women for marriage, but they have a fair share of fans around the world. Armenian brides have a lot to offer to their potential suitors, and here are their top 3 best features. You won’t construct a severe relationship with an Armenian mail order bride by being dishonest. Even the slightest lie can damage your chances of having a second date along with your girl.


Getting accustomed to living abroad is also not easy for them. As a thoughtful partner, you can create the most comfortable environment for your Armenian wife to make the transition easier for her. An Armenian wife can work full-time or spend most of her days shopping, going out with friends, and enjoying an active lifestyle. However, the one thing she will always find time for is housework. Dating an Armenian girl will already let you experience some of her best features, but Armenian wives are even more incredible. Here are a few reasons to consider Armenian women for marriage, not just a romantic relationship. Luckily, Armenian girls will always have your again in this.

An Armenian wife takes good care of her family

They deliberately break a plate during the wedding function to ward off evil eyes. This ensures that the bond will stay protected and strong. Choose the right girl and start chatting, then follow your own preferences in communication. Honestly fill in the profile data, do not embellish, because in the future it may affect your relationship.

Most Armenian girls work after graduation to support themselves and their families. The first time you meet an Armenian woman, you can mistakenly think she’s reserved and cold.

Dating one of them, don’t neglect or criticize their views. However, young ladies seeking love overseas accept men with another faith. Being not very strict in views, you have all the chances to have harmony in family life with an Armenian wife. Coming from a country with limited water resources, ladies stick to many local traditions involving water. In Armenia, water symbolizes appreciation, good luck, and long life.