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How to add your brand’s color set in Visage

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Consistent branding is key to successful marketing. Load your brand’s color set into Visage and save yourself the headache of color matching.

Your Brand’s Color sets

Once you’ve signed in to your account, click the drop-down menu in the top-right corner.

From there, click on “YOUR BRAND.” You will be redirected to your assets page. This is where you manage your brand’s colors, logos, and fonts.

brand's color gif1

Add and Edit a Color Set

To add a new color set, click the gray dotted box that says “COLOR SET.”

It will automatically add a color set with three shades of teal.

Click anywhere on the teal color set to edit the colors. You’ll know it’s in edit mode because each color in the set will have a gray X circle in the top-right corner. A set can have as little as 2 colors or as many as 15.

brand's color set gif2

Using the Color Picker

Click on an individual square to change that color. The color picker will appear.

If you know the hex code for your color, type it into the white text box.

If you don’t know the code, use the hue bar to scan through the colors.

Use the saturation box to adjust the lightness/darkness of a color.


brand's color set gif3

The colors will automatically save as you make adjustments. Once you’ve created your custom swatch it can be accessed from the edit page of any canvas, although the sets may not appear in the same order.

Alternative Access from Canvas

You can also access the assets page when changing the color of an icon or a chart. Clicking the + icon will open a new tab with your brand assets. Remember to refresh the window with your canvas in it if you’ve created a color set in another tab.