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9 Examples of the Most Creative Video Content for the Most Boring Products

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Marketing is a tough job on its own, but it’s even tougher when you’re tasked with marketing a product as boring as bottled water or batteries. Unfortunately, common products tend to breed common advertising. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, launching a successful marketing campaign that gets people talking about toilet paper—outside the bathroom—can transform a forgettable product into a memorable staple. Here are 9 of the most exciting examples of creative content marketing to give you inspiration, no matter how boring your next creative job is.

Toilet paper

Views: 579,341 Length: :38

Toilet paper is one of those products that you don’t really think about until it’s gone. Instead of leaving the fate of their brand up to some animated talking bears or cute puppies, French toilet paper company Le Trèfle®  created a hysterical spot that not only pokes fun at our tech-obsessed world but also leaves you wishing they sold their wares around the world.

Greeting Cards

Views: 26,038,932 Length: 4:07

Cards are usually the first thing to get chucked once a present is open. And somehow Cardstore managed to create a 4-minute commercial about cards that garnered over 26 million views. The company created a fake job listing highlighting the hardships of motherhood in order to ramp up sales for the holiday. Considering everyone on the planet has a mother, that’s pretty great marketing.


Views: 1,585,192 Length: 1:40

What’s the best way to sell Kleenex? With a tearjerker advert, of course! And they didn’t even need Sarah McLachlan’s angelic voice. Aside from some subtle product placement, this commercial leaves viewers feeling inspired and misty eyed. Nothing like a good (sponsored) human interest piece.

Safety Video

Views: 11,553,694 Length: 4:59

Flying can be a pretty painful experience. Between crying babies and turbulence, the other most annoying experience is hearing the sleep-deprived flight attendant drone on about the mechanics of a seatbelt. Leave it to Virgin airlines to create an informative and exciting safety video, entertaining viewers on the net and in the air. http://mirziamov.ru/mfo-online/zaim-turbozaim.html


Views: 2,788,172 Length: 2:20

In this day and age most gadgets have rechargeable batteries. This makes marketing batteries difficult, as they’re usually forgotten until the power is out. Duracell’s commercial brought the need for batteries close to home with this heartwarming advert focused on an often unheard of use-case.


Views: 66,909,471 Length: 3:00

Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This was the driving force behind Dove’s Real Beauty Beauty Campaign. The campaign kicked off in 2004, with ads featuring a diverse group of women, but one of the most memorable ads was their “Real Beauty Sketches.” If this commercial doesn’t give you the feels, I don’t know what will.


Views: 61,692,577 Length: 3:19

Always, a company whose products are specifically for women, took a page out of Dove’s book and inspired viewers of both sexes to feel. Gender issues have been a hot button issue for over a century, and Always brought that topic back to the forefront of consumers minds during the Superbowl, a historically masculine event.


Views: 83,515,795 Length: 1:16

Normally if you’ve seen one car commercial, you’ve seen them all. But that is not the case for Volvo’s commercial “Epic Split.” How did they advertise the “stability and precision of Volvo’s steering”? By having two rigs drive parallel in reverse, with Jean Claude Van Damme slowly descending into the splits between them—with an inspiring Enya song playing in the background. The most amazing part? It’s all real, no hidden wires or movie magic.

Puppy Chow

Views: 11,304,424 Length: 3:34

I imagine marketing dog food is difficult because unlike other products, their target audience cannot jump in the car and go purchase their product. They have to get humans to care, and that’s exactly what Buzzfeed did for Purina with their Puppyhood branded video. You almost forget that it’s a commercial and it’s not the beginning of a rom com.