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2 Data Visualizations That Inspired Us This Week

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Good data makes for great stories. And when that data is visualized in a powerful way, those stories come to life. These impressive data visualizations caught our eye this week. Find out why they inspire us.


Men now outnumber women on the planet. What accounts for this imbalance? This piece by David Bauer analyzes 5 decades’ worth of data, revealing the cultural, geographical, and political issues that have contributed to this imbalance. This is a powerful piece of storytelling crafted around a comprehensive data set—the best of both worlds. Data is broken down in an easy-to-digest format and visualized cleanly with a mix of static and interactive elements, helping to enhance the story, section by section.


We’ve seen plenty of U.S. maps visualizing all sorts of data, so it’s rare when one gives us pause. But this series from design firm Fathom is arresting. Visualizing 240 million roads, the map shows America in a different light: Without state lines, it’s only canyons and mountains that redirect roads. This is a great example of a simple execution that is absolutely stunning. We’re definitely ready for a road trip.

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