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2 Data Visualization Projects We Loved This Week

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We believe good data visualization should be seen—and shared. So when we come across work that catches our eye, we like to give it the props it deserves. Here are two pieces that caught our eye this week. 

50 Years of Avengers Color Palettes  

In honor of the impending release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Wall Street Journal’s John Keegan took a look at the classic comic’s changing color palettes over time, thanks in part to the evolution of technology (and the success of the big screen films). Starting in 1963, the beautiful interactive shows the shift from primary to more complex colors. Click through to see covers over the years.


It’s official: Researchers are turning the duck face into fascinating data through an interactive project that tracks selfies in five cities around the world. Data collected from thousands of photos is visualized according to various categories, including age, expression and pose, all to explore the selfie phenomenon. The good news? People don’t take as many selfies as you might think. Only 3%-5% of photos taken in each city are selfies.

Have you seen great data visualization this week? Let us know.

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