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11 Creators Reveal Their Biggest Content Challenges

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Most of us, at one point or another, have failed at one of the following:

  • Keeping a journal past 3 days
  • Updating our blog at least twice a week
  • Making time to write that ebook/case study/downloadable asset
  • Writing and sending holiday cards to everyone on our list

Creating content is hard. We know the content challenges all too well. Yet there are those remarkable people who create pages upon pages of content every day. In hours, they write what would take most of us weeks, and if they take weeks to perfect a project, it’s because they’re bringing it to a whole new level. Kudos to this unique collection of creatives. Still, even these content creators have their challenges. If you’re in the business of solving problems for content marketers, inbound marketers, or copywriters, take heart. Here are the biggest challenges faced by a dozen of the best content creators in marketing today.

Sujan Patel

is co-founder of ContentMarketer.io, a product that lets businesses find and contact influencers via email and Twitter. They also provide their customers with proven email templates to improve their outreach efforts, because handing over contact information isn’t enough to ensure success. For Sujan, the challenge is:

“Creating the right content that can get traffic, earn the trust of readers, and make sales. Add in creating unique perspectives that haven’t been said before, and it makes creating high-quality content consistently very difficult.”

challenges facing sujan-patel


Sean Kirby

copywriter and consultant at SeanKirbyCopy.com, writes for websites, trade show displays, sales collateral, direct mail, and online and print ads – and he’s very much in demand. But, as is so often the case with the best writers, he’s so busy creating content for his clients that his own projects get pushed back. Unsurprisingly, his challenge is time.

“Time, especially when it comes to creating content for myself. The client work pays the bills, so that naturally gets priority. It takes time to create uniquely valuable content, and there are only so many hours in a day.”

challenges facing sean-kirby

Pierre Lechelle

is a SaaS Marketing Consultant who helps startups grow with a combination of marketing and growth hacking. His website is also one of the best resources out there for information on growth-hacking strategies for startups, which means he creates unique, innovative, and genuinely helpful content for himself regularly. He’s literally written the book on “everything there is to know about SaaS Marketing.” What are his challenges?

“My biggest challenge is to efficiently distribute the content. Once I write a piece, I generally have to spend 5 to 10 hours more in order to distribute the content, which makes it really hard to do.”

Challenges facing pierre-lechelle

Tess Darci

is the Director of Marketing & Acquisition at LUVO, a company that buys study materials like notes, guides, video tutorials, and flashcards from students, and sells them to other students who need help. Her demographic is college students, a notoriously difficult group to reach and engage. Her biggest challenge:

“Creating link-able content and creating content that college students find interesting as they’re a challenging demo to target.”

Challenges facing tess-darci

Lauren Van Mullem

founder of CopyMuse, has a background in Customer Success and Conversion Copywriting, but is devoted to Authentic Content Marketing. She defines it as “content that genuinely reflects my clients and genuinely serves their audiences.” Her approach requires a thorough understanding of her client’s ideal customer before setting fingers to keyboard. Her challenge:

“Finding the approach that speaks, on an emotional level, to my client’s target audience. To do this, I have to get to know my client’s ideal client as well, or better, than they do. Sometimes they can give me all the answers, but most of the time, I give them insights they hadn’t even considered.”

Challenges facing lauren-van-mullem

Benji Hyam

Director of Growth and founder of GrowandConvert.com, has a very meta job: He does content marketing for a company that does content marketing, publishing posts like “Growing from 0-12k Organic Visitors by Mapping Content to the Sales Funnel.” For Hyam, the proof is in the pudding: He announced a challenge to grow their blog to 40,000 monthly unique views in 6 months (they have until April 17th, 2016). He says his biggest challenge is:

“Finding time to set aside to actually write.”

Challenges facing benji-hyam

Jakob Marovt

is CMO & Co-founder of pipetop.com, an all-in-one prospecting service that connects sales teams with ideal leads and decision makers. Their blog is a font of advice, strategies, and techniques to help sales teams win more leads and convert more prospects. But his challenge is:

“Creation. It’s really not that hard to come up with plenty of creative blog post ideas – the hardest part, at least for me, is turning the core of those ideas into coherent structures and being able to back the claims, ideas, and processes with external sources. As for the edition process, the last 20% of writing time usually ends up taking 80% of the “writing” time. If you really want an epic piece in today’s competitive content environment, you have to polish it relentlessly and think about the tiniest details. For distribution: even though you have a network of places to promote your pieces, genuine influencer outreach still takes a ton of time and dedication. That’s why investing in a strong, organic first-party email list early on in your content marketing efforts is invaluable.”

Challenges facing jakob-marovt

Dhaval Mehta

founder and CEO of dpmsocial.com, practically does it all: social media marketing, email marketing, and online reputation management for small and mid-sized businesses around the world. (“DPM” stands for “Direct Purposeful Marketing.”) His challenge:

“Tracking the offline effectiveness or long-term effectiveness of certain content is difficult to gauge. We’ve created content nearly two years ago that still gets traction today and leads to benefits for the clients, so being able to provide complete tracking and benefits becomes a long-term challenge, rather than a short-term monthly, or weekly report.”

Challenges facing dhaval-mehta

Ty Magnin

Director of Content Marketing at Appcues.com (software that lets users create tooltips, tutorials, and onboarding experiences without needing a developer) voices a problem that so many content marketers have – the challenge of quantity and quality. With a “User Onboarding Academy” and the Appcues Blog, high-quality content and lots of it is needed to help their customers achieve the retention they want. His problem:

“I think I may speak for a lot of growth-focused content creators when I say: It’s hard to continually up the quality while simultaneously upping the cadence of publication.”

Challenges facing ty-magnin

Ross Simmonds

digital strategist, marketer, author, consultant, and public speaker creates strategies to get results – as in revenue – using social media and content marketing. He’ll be the first to tell you that “it’s more important than ever to create content that is unique and compelling enough to be shared,” which happens to be his specialty. His challenge:

“Finding the time to create content worth developing is definitely the most challenging. It’s easy to push out a solid blog post that gets a handful of shares, but it takes a lot more time to create a piece of content that is filled with stats, academic references, charts, and graphics.”

Challenges facing ross-simmonds

Katy Katz

Content Director at Inturact.com, an inbound marketing agency, understands the high value quality content can deliver. But, achieving high quality in specific industry niches requires substantial expertise, which isn’t always easy to find. Her challenges:

“Finding quality writers on niche subjects for an affordable price.Scaling inclusion of subject matter expert content, interviews, and testimonials for clients. Strict grammar edits.”

Challenges facing katy-katz

Violeta Nedkova

former growth hacker and current Marketing Coach at VioletaNedkova.com, specializes in helping “multi-passionates” and “creative rebels” grow businesses through authentic marketing. She’s author of The Creative Rebel’s Guide to Starting a Business, The Creative Rebel’s Guide to Disrupting Your Industry, and multiple courses, as well as her genuinely inspiring blog. To say she’s prolific doesn’t even begin to cover it. She writes as naturally as she breathes, making this writer downright envious. In fact, she’s only got one challenge as a content creator (proving everyone has one!):

“I can’t create a presentation for my life, and I wish I could.”

Challenges facing violeta-nedkova

Time, quality, quantity, and distribution of unique content seem to be the common themes – all of which are ripe for the right problem/solution fit. Do you have one?