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11 Design Tips for Eye-Catching Blog Photos

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Just like people judge a book by its cover, visitors will judge your blog by your blog photos. Therefore, it’s important to put thought behind each image. If you’re new to photo design, these 12 tips will help you avoid rookie mistakes. http://mirziamov.ru/mfo-online/zaim-zaimer.html

1. If you’re sticking with stock, make sure it doesn’t suck

People wouldn’t make fun of stock photos if they were good. Do you want your blog remembered for stiff models smiling awkwardly? I didn’t think so. 

blog photos stock

2. Always customize your photo

If you’re getting your photos from a stock site, add a personal touch to each image. Get creative with filters, text, or icons.

blog photo personalization

3. Optimize images so they load quickly

If your header image lags on the load, you’ve lost your audience’s attention before you ever had it. Optimize your images so they load immediately.

blog photos optimization


4. Place images in the right spots 

Did you know image placement determines how much of your copy gets read? Placing an image to the right or left of your intro paragraph captures your viewer’s attention, enticing them to read on. Aside from that, putting an image next to your first paragraph makes your lines shorter and more digestible.  

blog photos placement


5. Use one image every 350 words

Breaking up blocks of text with images is key. It’s like putting a Skittle at the end of each paragraph when you’re trying to read through a history book.

blog photos image frequency


6. Watch your size and resolution

This relates to load time, as well as audience perception. If your image is too large, you might overwhelm your audience or slow down the loading process. It’s also important for your images to maintain a certain level of quality to avoid looking sloppy or unprofessional. Keep image size and quality consistent throughout your post.

blog photos consistency


7. Include a keyword in your alternate text

Alternate text is used by search engines to determine what the text around an image says. It’s important to use relevant keywords in your image tags to get more SEO traffic. 

blog photos alternate text


8. Set a featured image

The oft-forgotten featured image is another way to boost your SEO. It’s the first thing viewers see when your post is shared on social, so make it stand out.

blog photo feature image


9. Don’t forget the caption!

Just because a picture is worth a thousand words doesn’t mean you should neglect adding a few more for context—and SEO.

blog photos caption

10. Keep your images at a 2:1 ratio

Following the 2:1 ratio ensures your image is displayed properly on social, without any part being cut out.

blog photos ratio


11. Keep it legal

We’re not all pro-photographers with an extensive photo library. Just remember: If you didn’t take it, you best attribute it.