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        Customer Stories

        How did we empower VMWare to create beautiful customer testimonials?

        Visage was tasked with setting up branded templates for VMware to create over 150 (and counting) visual customer testimonials. Maintaining brand consistency was a priority, so we used VMware’s brand photography, colors, typography and geographic pattern to define the style. Our Visage Customer Success team then worked closely with VMware to design a set of templates that could be used to execute their content needs with style. The last step was to hand over the keys to the VMware Communications team and empower them to effectively create engaging graphics on the fly using these brand templates.

        How did we deliver multi-page automated client reports for BCBS?

        Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts collects a wealth of important data that is communicated to their partners on a consistent basis. Instead of delivering that information in drab spreadsheets, the reports became an opportunity to delight their partners with informative insights through good design. BCBS handed over the raw data output from their system, and Visage worked to design and map each datapoint, optimizing for clarity and simplicity. Now, BCBS partners receive beautiful 10-page reports, personalized for each organization, every quarter.

        How did we handcraft & deliver nearly 300 print-quality charts for Northwestern University in Qatar?

        Northwestern University in Qatar approached Visage for a solution to scale their visual content creation efforts for their latest Mid-East Media report. With close to 300 data-driven charts, such important findings deserved more than the standard Excel treatment. We implemented chart templates that matched their brand’s unique visual language, then trained their team to rapidly create these branded chart graphics on their own. This solution saved them $10,000+ in agency billings and led to enterprise account renewal and expansion to student use in a classroom setting.

        How did we help LinkedIn personalize over 100 E-Book graphics?

        LinkedIn Sales Solutions creates important ebooks, and wanted to share their findings with a wider audience via LinkedIn and Twitter. They had the copy written but needed help with visual content design.

        With over 100 graphics to create each quarter to support key ebook campaigns, Visage designed three LinkedIn-branded templates to streamline the process and highlight the most significant aspects of the report: Statistics, Quotes and Tips. The templated strategy worked and all of the social graphics are populated each quarter without requiring agency or designer time.


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        • stuart

          It’s opening up bandwidth for our Creative team and letting our local Marketing teams be more agile. I’m excited to watch the platform grow!

          Stuart W.

          Operations Lead, Campus Education, General Assembly
        • nicola

          BCBS of Massachusetts has forged a highly successful partnership with Visage over the last year to design and deliver wellness reporting that delights our clients.

          Nicola B.

          Director of Prevention & Wellness Operations, BCBS
        • peggy

          I’d highly recommend Visage to any design-strapped team that needs to create content on the fly.

          Peggy L.

          Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Neustar
        • lauren

          This is exactly what I want.

          Lauren V.

          President, AIGA Orange County
        • nick

          Visage has allowed our marketing team to focus on what they do best — reaching and engaging our audiences with speed and agility — without having to worry about our content being poorly designed or off brand.

          Nick M.

          Communication Strategist, UCI
        • patrick

          Visage gives us, as an agency, the ability to further scale our production of all types of graphics.

          Patrick B.

          VP of Content, Yellow Line Digital

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